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Saturday, November 20, 2010


For quite a while now I have had a serious problem with Christmas. What in the world led to this disdain for merriment? As a kid I loved Christmas. As a teenager, it was an excuse to play drinking games at Christmas dinner (drink every time dad says "on it" till Grace is faced). However, now as a young adult I feel loathing. Could it be I have finally realized the error in materialism? Lost religion? Watched Jim Carry's "The Grinch" too many times (this should fill you will uncontrollable rage)? Well the possibility of all these is high (especially that awful movie). However, I think something more sinister is at the heart of my malevolent view...... The end of the semester.

From the beginning of November to the middle of December, I stop sleeping, eat minimally and terribly, and exist as a caffeine based being. Let me fill you in on my last week as an example. On Sunday, I spent 6 hours studying biochem in a coffee shop till I literally resonated with chemical energy. Monday, I woke up a 4:30 in the morning to study some more biochem, then went to work, then went to class, then considered sleeping in the corner of the classroom building, then studied biochem in the coffee shop for 5 hours. I don't remember Tuesday. I assume it happened... Maybe... Well in any case I slept in till 8 on Wednesday. I then went to class, skipped work, and studied for at least 2 more hours. Then I took my exam. A pattern like this has been going on for weeks, and it will only get worse till after finals.

Once finals are over, I am sleep deprived, starved, and perpetually fighting off caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Then bam (!) it is Christmas and I have to feel merry and bright. In reality, I need to crawl into a cave sleep for 2 weeks. Combine that with worst of the worst music, aka Christmas music, and you have one grinchy girl. I could go on a complete Christmas music rant, however that I will save for a better day. In short, a steady build up of stress finished off with Justin Bieber telling me to have a "very merry Christmas" spirit makes my heart shrink two sizes too small.

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