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Monday, September 13, 2010

Its the Little Things... like a can of spray paint

Walking around a college campus everyday gets a bit monotonous. I mean, same route (the quickest one), same tree, same building, hell same squirrel (who is way too tame), same spray paint stencil... Hold up... Nope that is new, and entirely improved. Laramie doesn't really have hard core taggers. In fact if I said taggers people would probably start talking to me about killing some animal until I said admitted I was a vegetarian. Additionally, Laramie has zero murals (I guess a town of predominately white people has nothing cool to paint on the sides of buildings). Anyway, seeing this simple spray paint stencil kind of, sort of, really made my day.

The first stencil I saw was a little cartoonish cat that said "Halp" under it. I though to myself, "finally memes have made it to the street!" Adorable, no real message and simple... in a day filled with biochemistry and integrative physiology this is exactly what I wanted to see walking into the classroom building.

Then walking home I noticed a one of those large gray fuse boxes not completely covered in "lost cat" or "giant poster sale" posters. Instead, a Raccoon Mario was spray paint stenciled on it. I smiled and crossed the street. So far no one has covered that fuse box with tons of neon paper. This second piece of guerilla art had officially made my day.

A couple days later I noticed one more stencil. By far the coolest one. The stencil is of a woman; it looks like she is wearing a straight jacket (but not tightened). By far it is the most intricate, and also the one that most reminds me of home.

I still do not know who the guerilla artist is, and I might not ever. People may argue it is vandalism. However, in Laramie random art doesn't exist, and really I do not need to see anymore magenta paper telling me about a club meeting. Seeing the random Mario puts 8 bit music in my head, and the meme on the sidewalk is like an inside joke, but really the sleek woman reminds me of the city.

The picture above is courtesy of the lovely Sarah Quesada.

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