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Monday, August 23, 2010

Senior... Wait... What?

So as I wait for my True Blood episode to buffer, I figured I would do some real school work. Yep, that is right, telling you all about my first day as a senior... in college... that noise was stomach dropping at the though of the real world. So to commemorate this momentous day, I made memos on my BlackBerry all day. Just so I can get this right.

To start off, I woke up obscenely early (6:15 am). Of course I laid out my first day of school outfit as I have done since Kindergarten, yes even when I wore a uniform. Walking out the door, jamming to Sleigh Bells "Riot Rhythm" a pretty bad ass way to start the day. However, what I realized is that this is the beginning of a semester that literally could be the end of me. All 4000/5000 level classes (well I guess that makes sense with the senior thing). Well that was enough to give me a panic attack by the time I got to work, and oddly the caffeine did little to calm me down. By my second class, I was pretty sure that my schedule was actually some sort of sick suicide note. I sat next to my genius friend who told me how he studied all summer for the MCAT while I was busy driving back and forth from Denver.

Then I did the unthinkable, entered the bookstore... On the first day of classes... It was a madhouse to say the least. To make matters even more fun, the course packet I needed hadn’t been printed and the Asian kid behind me smelled like he rolled out of sewage plant. Walking to my next class, listening to Tegan and Sara "Monday, Monday, Monday," I notice the entire campus is walking in the opposite direction of me. I swear mating salmon have an easier time moving upstream.
Finally, I reach my class (Technical Writing... my least favorite type of writing). However, all of the sudden, my day takes a turn for the better. My teacher looks like he is a student, and he starts out saying he wants to teach this class as much as I want to be there! Finally, my pouting in the back is justified! Additionally, a not so bad looking fella sits next to me (bonus points!).

Well, after that my day totally brightened. Classrooms weren't uncomfortably cold, people seemed to stop looking at my periwinkle hair with distain, and I even got a nap later.

Well, my True Blood is beckoning, so I will end this post on a high note. Also, as a new TA I feel like this final song is back to school bonus for everyone, and the title is just so awesome... Pains of Being Pure at Heart "Tenure Itch."

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