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Sunday, August 22, 2010

So... tomorrow is the big day huh?!

"So, are you ready for The Big Day" I said to my friend Ben Friday night in the midst of casual conversation.  He looked at me strange for a second as if he didn't know what "The Big Day" was.  I watched the lights in his head flicker on and off for a second before finally deciding to stay on.  Everyone knows what the big day is.  "You mean Monday?" Silly Boy, of course I meant Monday, I love the First Day of School.  Don't act like you don't.

After all, The First Day of School as been a tradition burned into our heads our heads since around the age of four, or five  depending on if your name first appeared on the roll call sheet in pre-school or kindergarten.  Tis' the season for back-to-school sales and specials, school clothes, supply lists.  Just because were in college doesn't mean we have to walk around and act like we aren't excited for the big day.  If anything, we should be more excited and thrilled with anticipation. Yes, Monday marks the end of sleeping in until one and tanning by the water; but it also means the end of summer 9-5 jobs and the torturous pace of summer classes. And if your lucky, by the end of the week,or even by Wednesday, you will get to basque in the other activities that Back To School has to offer you; like puke rallies and keg stands.

So now you are probably thinking, "Where is she going with all this?"  I have decided that since back to school is an annual occurrence in the majority of our lives for the majority of our lives it's safe to say that the first day of school should be considered a holiday.  

I'm now in my fourth year of college meaning tomorrow marks my 18th first day of school. Though purchasing new outfits with financial aid disbursement checks, breaking open fresh packs of pens, and fighting third graders in the aisles of Target for the best notebooks (as if they didn't know "college ruled" is for College kids, and college kids only) now seems routine it still carries the same excitement year after year. It makes me feel rather accomplished.  Happy First Day of School to everyone reading, and if your First Day isn't just yet, I wish it to you in advance.  And lastly, if by some strange occurrence you already started school, I apologize for my tardiness, Happy Belated First Day of School. 

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