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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

University textbooks prices can get expensive

Students who attend already know there are many expenses to pay off such as loans, tuition, room and board fees and to top it off, dreaded textbooks. Obviously, buying college textbooks can be essential for college students while enrolled in courses; however they may view buying textbooks as a penny-pinching experience.

A vast majority of college students would agree, buying textbooks for classes can be a hassle; but many of us do it anyway. When professors assign textbooks for courses many students comply because they should help us learn coursework and pass classes.

Although a main con of buying textbooks is sky-high prices, are there alternative resources when purchasing them? The answers maybe just near our fingertips.

A few resources upon suggestion:

The Chegg website is a textbook website where textbooks can be rented and shipped to a mailing address. It could be a good resource considering it allows students to rent textbooks and then mail them back to the sender.

Another well-known website Amazon can be a resource for buying textbooks at discounted prices. On the Amazon website it mentioned there are discounts nearly 30 percent on new textbooks and about 90 percent discounts on used textbooks.

Then there is the Barnes and Noble. The Barnes and Noble website shows there are many low prices on textbooks available for students to purchase. As like many stores, there are alternatives when it comes to college textbooks, buying or renting are a few options.

Therefore, whenever students need textbooks, they should be aware that there are alternatives to buying them to succeed and be ahead of the college class.

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