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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Non-Traditional College Students are the Devil

My number one problem with college is those who impose where they are not needed.
One of the main reasons I went away to College is so I wouldn't have to listen to a 40 something-year-old voice their opinion. I wish that Non-Trads would just sit in the back of the classroom, half asleep, in a text conversation, in sweats, with starbucks, counting down the minutes, like the rest of us.
But nnnoooo, they have to sit in the front row, right under the professors nose, and act like they know EVERYTHING.
Seriously lady?! I know your old, but I also know you weren't born in the 1800's. Therefore when the teacher is talking about Thomas Jefferson and his role as our president DO NOT nod your head and then proceed to tell the professor what TJ did!You weren't there! And you are not a historian, because if you were you would not be in my general education History 101 class.
Also, I'm not sure if this is just the idiot Non-Trads at my school or if this happens elsewhere but someone needs to tell these people that they don't have to ask the professor to use the bathroom. This isn't kindergarten and you can pee when you want, just get up and leave, your the one paying for this class!
I predict that this is the first of many post on Non-traditional students and their ability to make me want to jump off a cliff on daily basis.

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