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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trying so hard not to be creepy

Coincidences (and if you read that as co ininky dink I will find you and harm you) punctuate life. Such as today, I get into my car and put in my Hot IQs cd. For a little background, the Hot IQs are a local Denver band that I just happen to love, but recently broke up ( Anyway, I am more than a little hung over so I need mate (a tea drink native to South America). I drive to The Grounds, where I spend many an hour studying. I park, walk in, and open my mouth when the Hot IQs begin to play over the stereo. Of course, at first I assume that I had way more to drink than previously thought. I mean really now I can just hallucinate songs, I think not. So I turn to the smiling blonde barista and calmly ask,
"Is this the Hot IQs playing?"
Meanwhile wondering, what satellite radio station plays the Hot IQs? Surely no one in Wyoming knows of them. Smiley barista answers,
"Yeah it is!"
I blurt out.
"I love them."
"Me too!"
She does a little jump (really),
"I am the bass player's girl friend."

Suddenly memories flood in, and the opportunity for all out creepiness begins.
For a minute it is June 19th and I am at there final show talking to said bass player. I tell him I am from (well kind of loosely) Wyoming. He points to a girl sitting on a bar stool talking to someone else, "Really? My girlfriend goes to school there too!" We continue to talk and end the conversation making fun of Greeley and the terrible smell (like most conversations).
I consider the creepiness scale of word vomiting all this back at the poor girl. One, clearly it looks like I was flirting with her rocker beau. Two, why do I remember this? Adding this up, and thinking I really don't need another restraining order, I decide to omit these details.

Then I continue to think of my first Hot IQs show, December 19th (coincidence I think not). Where me and Caitlin danced (I maintain that the way I move to music is indeed dancing) got beer spilled on us (mostly Caitlin). Then met a cute boy, who I would later ride the light rail with pants less with...

Where is this memory going?

How long have I been thinking?

The barista is still smiling; maybe this was only like 30 seconds?

No more drinks for me.

Eff, still need to answer.
"I was seriously just listening to them in my car, that is so weird. I saw them at there last show in Denver."

Don’t mention seeing her and talking to the bass player, or pant less pranks.

She answers,
"Yeah it is too bad. Well one of them is getting married, and the other just got his degree and wants a real career."
"A career other than rock star who does that?"
"I don't know laughs, do you want a drink?"

Disaster adverted, mate and parfait obtained, sanity intact... well two out of three is still passing.

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