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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Something completely awesome has invaded my campus – a zombie apocalypse. Not a real zombie apocalypse. That would be terrible, and I’d probably be dead already, seeing as I’ve never been a strong runner. In reality, it’s just a glorified game of tag called “Humans vs. Zombies.” Confused? I’ll explain.

The game, which was originally created by students at Goucher College, starts out where every player is a human except for one zombie. The zombie’s goal is to infect (tag) as many humans as possible. If they don’t tag enough people per day, they die. Humans can defend themselves with Nerf guns; shooting a zombie temporarily “stuns” them so they cannot tag any humans for a short period of time. A full set of rules can be found on their website (yes, they actually have a website).

There are over 1,000 registered players in the game on my campus. Am I participating in this game? No, I can’t handle the constant stress and paranoia that comes along with the game. Isn’t this game kind of nerdy? Yes, a little bit. Then why do I think it’s awesome? Hey hypothetical reader, why are you asking so many frickin’ questions?

The reason that it’s awesome is because it provides entertainment for everyone, including non-players like myself. Freshmen with Nerf guns are traveling in packs, circling around each other on constant watch. Blood-thirsty zombies (OK, so they’re just students) are chasing said-freshmen all over campus. Ridiculous? Yes. Entertaining, you betcha. Watching students run through campus with the intense look of fear in their eyes beats the hell out of studying.

Everyone likes zombies, and everyone enjoys the nostalgia of a child-like game of tag. This is what college is for, weird activities that we couldn’t possibly get away with post-graduation. Seriously, when’s the last time you heard of thousands of employees playing Humans vs. Zombies from their cubicles? The answer: Never.

Humans, I salute you. Use your Nerf guns well, and may your brains not be eaten by zombies.


  1. I think this is crazy and sounds like alot of good, clean fun. Did you know they banned the nerf guns at CU?

  2. Love it. Hypothetical Readers...Classic