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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Punishment worse than death

I'll admit I love hyperbole. Greatly exaggerating my love or hate for something is not out of the ordinary. However when talking about summer school I cannot exaggerate enough. It is warm, sunny, and the roads are open... But I am stuck in a windowless classroom, for three hours a day. That is the second worse part of summer school. The worst part is not only are you in school, you are in hyper school. The class is only six weeks long, but that means class everyday for three hours and copious amounts of homework afterward. So even when I get out of class I have to resist the urge to frolic, and hold up in the library. Honestly, the school is setting me up for failure. This amount of work might be doable in December when there isn't anything to do and the roads are closed. I just can't help the mind set that this isn't the right time to be doing school work. Summer is my time to get super sun burnt, sleep till 1 in the afternoon, and generally be a burden to society.

I just need to remember just four more weeks (and I get memorial day off)!

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