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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Non-Trads and Book Buyback Season: a recipe for disaster

Ah, book buyback time at little old CSU-Pueblo.  First off, let me give any readers that aren’t from Pueblo a little background.  We have a Textbook Buyback once a semester and about three times during the summer.  There aren’t really any other buyers in our area so for any of us who don’t take the time or don’t utilize the planning necessary to buy and sell online, all we have is the bookstore.  I happen to work there and today my desk was positioned right next to the counter where the massive rip-off of our summer student body took place.
Yes, we all know that buying college textbooks in college bookstores (or buying anything in college bookstores) is a complete rip-off.  They always have been and always will be, however they are so damn convenient and tempting that they will continue to stand the test of time.  It’s one of those things, that after the initial shock of your first $400 purchase, becomes routine, like getting numerous cavities filled at the dentist.  No one likes it but it has to be done.

So now that that whole thing is out of the way, guess which group of people would be the only ones to repeatedly complain about getting less then half the money they paid for books in return at the end of the semester?  Not the blacks, not the Mexicans, not even the Asians; The Non-Trads.  Gosh I hate you guys.  With a passion.

Someone please tell me in what other medium do you get to use something until your done with it and then make back anything close to the original amount of money you spent on it. *Crickets* No where.  Not at the grocery store, not at the toy store, and not at the bookstore. But yet, it never fails.  It’s a routine; rolling backpack enters bookstore, book buyback lady says “I can only give you $5 for this one”, and then all hell breaks loose.

One lady even went as far as making an appointment with our manager to discuss how the money for textbooks is spent year after year.  This lady must have nothing else to do with her life.  I should have just told her to do something beneficial with her time and watch the season premiere of the Jersey Shore to brush up on her Italian culture instead of trying to make right for the pockets of fellow students.

All of us regular college kids are just happy we can now go halves on a pizza and skip the Roman noodles for once.

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  1. I always use to re-sell my books. My campus NEVER gives me full value for what my books are worth. But with they search all the online textbook resellers, so in the end they find you the most for your books. Its awesome. Been using this site since freshmen year of college and I'm now a senior. Deff worth looking into.