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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dog Days of Summer (classes)

Well after 12 weeks, 3 hair colors, 14 exams, and countless dollars spent in gas to keep me from rotting in Laramie, I am in the home stretch of summer classes. So, I take this time to reflect. To see how I have grown mentally, emotionally, physically (mostly physically... stupid beer). Summer classes are an odd mind set. I sat everyday with the same twenty people and one teacher. The classes are less like college and more like a return to grade school. You sit for nearly the same amount of time, you see the same dozen or so kids, and you pray for a movie or bathroom break. After 12 weeks, I realize that unusual "classroom friendships" are formed. Not to say they are bad, but they are formed out of necessity. Suddenly everyone in the class knows you. The best was the classmate hook up by far. In large classes which don't meet everyday, impossible to tell. However, in summer classes, a guy and a girl who sit near each other both conveniently miss class the same day; day after day... hook up. From personal experience people also call you out more. Especially hen you look like shit, because you went to bed at 1am and drove 2 hours to class at 5:30 am. Suddenly, you are in a room with several people who see you more than you get to see TV (scary, I know). Additionally, there are no non-trads and no freshmen... so it is pretty much the perfect classroom, everyone doesn't care, and no one wants to be the kid who asks a bunch of questions. The professors are different, too. Better. Caring less. Canceling more. Overall, summer class wasn't terrible. Sure, I probably missed some excellent summer TV (oh wait nope, America's Got Talent still sucks). But what I learned is take 1000 levels during the summer; get an easier professor, less freshman. Buy a box of crayola crayons pretend you are in 3rd grade.

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