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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer Break (ok well week)

So reading through the archive it has been an unseemly amount of time since I have written anything. However, since this is a college blog my lack of musing should be completely not a surprise. These last three months I am not sure if I showered, or washed clothes. I must have.... I am not rotting, but the only thing I can remember is the inside of the library and how to brominate an alkene........ So, when I was done with my finals last Friday I was pleasantly surprised to find that fashion magazines still exist, and not every wall has books ordered in the Dewy Decimal system around me.
Finally I am basking in the glory of summer break! Unfortunately, what college admission counselors don't tell you though is at some point to graduate you will have to take summer classes. I found this out the hard way, realizing that if I want to graduate ever, I have to forsake the one thing sacred to all students... Summer. This was probably the worst thing I have ever done. Though, to be fair this summer (classes included) can't be worse than last summer (1000 dollars in car repairs and I break my leg), not to jinx myself. I mean I don't want to die or break my pelvis or something. Rather than contemplate the ways I could runaway (train? hitch hike? Nope...I see both of those ending in a hobo related death), I am making a goal to not have a lame summer. I have a real problem with just bailing on life. This summer is going to be different! I am going to do things! Fun things! Hopefully they will provide fodder for blogging. The summer of Grace (not to be confused with the summer of George) begins tomorrow with a free concert! Fingers crossed

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